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January 2017

12-Lead ECG Quiz

February 2017

Common Prescription Medications

March 2017

Head and Spine Injury, Body Mechanics, and Triage Quiz

April 2017

Shock / Hypoperfusion Quiz


May 2017

Stroke Quiz

Pronator Drift Video

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DRAFT 2018
Stroke Clinical Practice Guidelines

June 2017

Behavioral Emergencies Quiz

July 2017

Infectious Diseases Quiz

August 2017

Fractures & Pain Management

September 2017

Jurisprudence Quiz

Jurisprudence for EMS -
DSHS Rules (PDF)

October 2017

At Risk Populations:
Special Healthcare Needs

November 2017

& Ethics



Stroke care has evolved dramatically, and the use of innovative procedures and technology now allows patients with a stroke to have a better recovery. EMS plays a vital role in making critical decisions that affect the way care is delivered before and after arrival to the hospital.


Glenn (Lee) Pride, M.D., is a neuro-interventional radiologist who specializes in treating blood vessel problems of the brain and spine using endovascular neurosurgery.

He is an expert at using minimally invasive procedures, performed from inside the blood vessels themselves, to treat strokes, aneurysms, and blood vessel malformations of the brain, face, neck, and spine. 


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